Galatians 2:20

"Whether or not the Gospels are eyewitness accounts first rests on the evidence for their dating.  They would have to be dated early enough to record the testimony of those who witnesses Jesus’ ministry.

So Jim Wallace’s approach to the Gospel of Mark is an interesting one.  Jim is a cold case homicide detective and has specialized skill in forensic document analysis.  He applied these skills to the Gospel of Mark to evaluate the source of the testimony.  His conclusion is that Mark is not only dated very early, it’s likely Peter’s testimony recorded by Mark.  Here’s his evidence.

"In “The Persistence of Patriarchy,” Eggebroten writes about “the wide reach” of complementarian views of manhood and womanhood among conservative Christians. Her article is subtitled: “Hard to believe, but some churches are still teaching about male headship.” Hard to believe?

Can anyone really be surprised that this is so?  In some sense, it might be surprising to the generally liberal readership of Sojourners, but it can hardly be surprising to anyone with the slightest attachment to evangelical Christianity. Nevertheless, Anne Eggebroten’s article represents what I call a “National Geographic moment” — an example of someone discovering the obvious and thinking it exotic and strange. It is like a reporter returning from travel to far country to explain the strange tribe of people she found there — evangelical Christians believing what the Christian church has for 2,000 years believed the Bible to teach and require. So … what is so exotic?”

Motte Brown writes about the intersection between faith particularly Christian faith and politics and how this interaction should work out in real life. “Everybody approaches politics with truth claims. It could be from the worldview of Christianity, Islam, Pagan Mysticism or some smorgasbord of several religions blended with personal experience. The question is, which belief system do you believe answers the most fundamental questions about life and liberty, law and government?”

Bart Ehrman, infamous critic of Biblical accuracy, is not really honest when it comes to his analysis of the New Testament as a whole, Melinda at Stand to Reason.

"Entire books have been written listing all the seeming contradictions that people have found in the Bible.

Entire libraries have been written to answer them.

It’s why theologians will never be out of a job.

We need people who know all the Bible and who think well about these things to help us figure them out.

After all, if God were to write a book—and that’s what we believe we hold in our hands—it’s no stretch to think there would be things in it hard to understand.

It’s why C. S. Lewis will remain popular as long as a single Christian walks this earth. He helped us think through many of these matters that were befuddling us.”

Amy at Stand to Reason provides commentary on whether or not the Bible condemns wealth.